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Barb Hughes

Co-owner and Voice Talent
Portland OR
My paying job is Voice Talent and co-owner of the Hughes/Taylor audio production company. I'm an old radio dweeb, and have over 35 edible and unusual plants in my city lot garden.

Talk to me about Swap Positive - a system of us/we thinking that benefits government, business, nonprofits, and citizens, using the common theme of gamifying recycling. swappositive.wordpress.com/about I’d like partnerships in helping Swap Positive grow more useful to all parties.

I seek new collaboration on ideas I have for gamifying housing options, and matching job seekers to business through a unique online game platform.

I want to contribute in the collaborative economy through benefits-corporation-type companies that seek my skill set of focus on problem solving through innovation as play.

OR I'd like to be the class clown that sits in your meetings and interrupts occasionally with input to make mundane services and challenges more fun. I believe people support that which they help to create. I can also give voice and perspective from the 50+, non-techie person on your everyone-else-is-a-young-techie-person panels.
Monday, February 6

9:00am PST

Thursday, February 9

1:30pm PST