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HR in-sourcing for small to mid-sized tech companies, leadership development, and recruiting.
Company Swift HR Solutions
Position Sr. Consultant
Location Greater Seattle Area
















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Company Impact Capital Management LLC
Position CEO
Location Portland


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Having started my career in gritty newsrooms, I thrive on capturing compelling stories, no matter how complex or seemingly simple the topic. As co-founder of Wild Pacific PR, I work with clients to deliver their message in the best format to reach their audience. www.wildpacificpr.com
Company Wild Pacific PR & Strategy
Position Co-founder
Location Portland, Oregon


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I'm new to Portland! I'm seeking a position in tech focused on research, content strategy, and/or project management. I think a lot about museum exhibit design, local food systems, and diasporic writing. Say hi and help me shape a roadmap for my Portland life!
Location Portland, Oregon Area








Company ScanHappy
Position CTO


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BrightWork is an API micro services platform that is making it easier for Developers and Teams to build applications faster using the skills they already have. They write a small amount of javascript and they can have a RESTful API up and running in less than a minute. This enables the Developer to focus on their frontend without having to worry about infrastructure in a serverless environment. The platform is scalable, reliable, and the pricing is predictable for the customer and recurring for BrightWork.
Company BrightWork
Position Co-Founder/CEO
Location Portland, OR


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Consultant, Life/Wellness Coach, and amateur wine guru. I help people and organizations see through the fog to the real challenges and coach them through solutions. Background in program eval, industrial/organizational psych, high end biz dev and fundraising.
Company Five Sage Consulting and Coaching
Position Founder and Principal
Location NE Portland


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Investigating starting up my own company in the HOA space.
Company TBD






Company Piggybank
Position Owner
Location portland


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I thrive in the business of learning as an industry analyst at research firms like Gartner Group and Frost & Sullivan to market intelligence research at Deloitte and NEC Systems. I want to use technology to answer questions, solve problems and measure results.
Mobile art marketplace app. Put an art gallery in your pocket.

I am a certified Digital Marketing Strategist. I am passionate about the Technology sector. I have over 15 years experience analyzing and forecasting Technology sector markets and industry competitors. I have presented my findings to senior leadership, account teams, and at industry conferences... Read more
Company ArtSmart
Position CoFounder
Location Portland, OR


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Company Nack Studio
Position Owner
Location Portland, Oregon Area


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Company 9iFX
Position Business Development Manager
Location PDX


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Portland, Oregon native / Interested in technology and how it can connect us to enable change, globally / Passionate about travel / Learn from everyone / Listen intently / Always looking to make connections and be a resource for others.
Company Mainz Brady Group
Position Sr Account Manager
Location PDX


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Company Walker Tracker
Position Program Coordinator
Location Portland, OR


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Company Notion
Position Senior Product Manager
Location Portland, Oregon Area


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I’m passionate about making people achieve financial well-being no matter their income. It’s not about how much you make, but about your relationship to money. For every broke person making six figures (and there’s a lot of them!), there’s a person who earns a modest salary but is making the right money choices.

Even if it meant working 5 jobs after I got out of college, I’ve saved nearly half of my income, have stayed debt-free, donated 5% of my spending, and have traveled to over 25 countries on a modest non-profit salary.

I want to help you feel confident about your financial future so you can do what matters to you – and I’ll do whatever it takes to teach you what you need to know about money – without the jargon or the product sales... Read more
Company Oh My Dollar!
Position CEO
Location Portland, OR




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Domain names, web hosting, and super easy websites. Unicorns and rainbows come standard with our customer support.
Company name.com


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Company Oregon Story Board
Position Community & Office Manager
Location 411 NW Flanders #100


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I'm a virtual marketing manager. Talk to me about virtual cooperation in regard to ^social media and e-mail marketing management and/or ^CMS website and Google analytics management.
Company Fujita Kennedy, LLC
Position Owner/Online Marketing Manager
Location Portland, OR


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Founder of Ponderest and designer
Company Ponderest
Position CEO
Location Portland


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Build better founders. Make new mistakes.
Company PIE
Location Portland, OR


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Creative. Software Developer. Explorer of places and ideas. Enthusiast of interesting conversations.
Company Freelance - seeking FT
Position Software Developer
Location Portland, Oregon Area






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Recruiting top talent for our growing company. Talk to me about anything from entry level positions to Executive level roles. Looking to network and connect with other great professionals in PDX.
Company inDinero
Position Director of Talent
Location solbekson


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Intelligent web services for security, speed and scale.
Company StackPath


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I was a Civil Engineer before I turned to Design. While engineering was long my career, art has always been by my side since childhood. My approach to solving engineering problems was highly visual. This also required empathy towards the needs of the people I served. Now with my design firm, The Silicon Brick, I want to continue developing visual solutions with a focus on the people they are intended for. I take on projects as I did in engineering - design, budgeting and scheduling - but I also spend time on research to place myself into the shoes of the intended viewer.
Company The Silicon Brick
Position Designer
Location Portland, OR


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Tony Abena

Supporting CEOs, founders so they build great companies and teams that can change the world.
Company Seven Peaks Ventures
Position Operating Partner
Location Bend & Minneapolis


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Kronda Adair

I'm a recovering WordPress developer turned digital marketer who loves to reinvent myself and my business. At age 34, I decided to become a programmer and spent the next five years getting a degree in Web Design and Interactive Media from the Art Institute of Portland.

After a couple of years at an agency, I struck out on my own to create WordPress websites for small business owners.

I've spent the past few years learning what makes websites profitable and rescuing business owners from ill-informed technology decisions. I want to spare you the overwhelm of wading through the thousands of choices... Read more
Company Karvel Digital
Position Founder
Location Portland, OR


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Sebastian Adam

Company Reflect



Colby Aley

Location Colby Aley




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Drew Anderson

Millions of Hundred Dollar Ideas
Company MoHDI
Position Innovationist
Location Portland, Oregon


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annie angelo

Company SalesForce
Position Director, Strategic Consulting
Location Portland, OR


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Antonio Aransaenz

Founder of OutFound Series3 day adventure sports and outdoor innovation festival in Hood River, Oregon. Speakers, startup competition, sports activities, films, workshops and music at night.
Company OutFound Series
Position Founder
Location Hood River, oregon


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Ricardo Aravena

Ricardo currently works at TruEra as a Cloud Infrastructure Lead helping automate everything with cloud native technologies. He's an open source enthusiast and co-chair of the CNCF TAG-Runtime. He has been working in tech for more than 20 years and comes from a diverse professional background, having been in different roles at large companies such as Rakuten, Cisco and VMware as well as startups such as Branch Metrics, Coupa, Hytrust, Exablox, and SnapLogic. Most recently he was at Rakuten Rewards where he spent 3 years managing a team automating cloud infrastructure to handle millions of web and... Read more
Company TruEra
Position Cloud Infrastructure Lead
Location raravena80@gmail.com


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onyeka azike

Company Locally Crafted Treasures
Position Co-Founder
Location Portland, Oregon Area


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Todd Bachmann

Company Freelance
Position Media Producer
Location Vancouver, Washington


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Florin Badita

I`m searching for a grant, a fellowship or even a job so that I can work on some of this initiatives that I have,
and that I consider that are useful tools for journalists from all around the world.

Some of the projects that I did until now are :

Scrapping Facebook, identifying fake viral news, before they go viral
Explanation of how the system works
Example of one fake news that was detected

Extracting timeline... Read more
Company Corruption Kills
Position Founder
Location San Francisco Bay Area


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Elsa Bailey

Company Urban Airship
Position Business Development/Strategic Partnerships Manager
Location Elsa Bailey


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Justyn Baker

Vonsor lives in the intersection between all the thousands of video makers, and the thousands of marketing professionals in need of product video. I'm interested in ushering in the next wave of customer empowerment.
Company Vonsor, Inc.
Position Founder | CEO
Location Portland


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Juan Barraza

Entrepreneur & Telehealth enthusiast. CEO + founder @vdointerpreters Empowering entrepreneurs through @alpfapdx @pdxswlatino @Latino_Founders
Company VDO Interpreters, ALPFA Portland, Startup Weekend Latino
Position Founder


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Rachel Baskerville

Company Customer.io
Position People Operations Associate
Location PDX




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Wyatt Benoit

Company Scopic Inc.
Position President
Location 411 NW Flanders Ave.




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Bill Berg

Company City of Beaverton
Position Business Development


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Michael Berneis

Company NanochipID
Position Co-Founder
Location Portland, Oregon Area



Dan Bohling

Company Salesforce
Position Solutions Engineer
Location Portland


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Manu Bonnet

Founder of PLUS QA & Co-Founder of Riviera Build.
Company PLUS QA
Position Founder
Location Portland, Oregon


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Daniel Bosch

Company SICdrone
Position Founder
Location Portland


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Taylor Boyko

"...but I do see these kids... and I get some dreams. Wind in my hair, you know the deal."
Location Portland, Oregon




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Kurt Brendley

Company JLR
Position Collaboration Engineer
Location Portland, OR




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Hands 4 Building

Designed and assembled by educators, Hands 4 Building makes it easy to set up a woodworking corner in your home or classroom. Kids can build a model house, barn, windmill, bridge and wagon from scratch! Students measure, saw, glue and assemble from raw material to a completed project. Real Tools! Real Wood! Real Blueprints! All-in-one-box starter kit! Your starter kit includes your field-tested workshop and the model house project. Add additional projects as you like. Online "watch and do", "watch and do" instructional videos guarantee success! Stop by our booth to inquire about our new classroom... Read more
Company Hands 4 Building
Position Booth 210
Location Portland,Oregon


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Pete Bunke

I am a creative director and web designer with a background in responsive web design. I love designing elegant websites for all screen sizes, crafting eye-catching calls-to-action, and simplifying user experience to be as easy and intuitive as possible. Here are some recent websites I've worked on:

Bend Funeral Homes & Autumn Funerals

This was a full redesign and rebranding for the largest deathcare firm in Central Oregon. The client didn't give us much direction, other than that they wanted super-modern, mobile-first, co-branded sites that would age well and reinforce their hold on the... Read more
Location Portland, Oregon Area


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Rachel Bussert

Professionally, I help tech companies get connected with our alumni when they're looking for junior developers, and I'm always happy to talk about that. Failing that, I am a huge fan of anything related to gaming, comic conventions, or cats :D
Company Epicodus
Position Outreach Manager
Location Portland Oregon


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Farrah Campbell

I am mesmerized with Tech in Portland and would love to talk to you!
Company Reflect
Position Reflect
Location Portland


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Sean Canton

Node. Music. Southern Food. Books. IoT. Hiking. Nepalese Food. Radical Ideas. Innovation. Mexican Food. Accidental Hilarity. Startups. Mentorship. Consciousness. Meditation. Indian Food. The Rise and Fall of Apple. The end of work.
Company Eight Eyes Creations
Position Principal
Location Lower Orbit


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Jessica Chan

Business, startups, product design .
I'm an adventure enthusiast, industrial designer, and founder.
Position Founder / President
Location Portland, OR


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Jim Chi

Dachstein is a mountaineering / hiking / lifestyle footwear company.
We care for our customers with great product.
I'd like to grow the relationship between sports, outdoors and technology.
Company Dachstein USA
Position Principle / General Manager
Location Portland, Oregon Area




avatar for Butch Clydesdale

Butch Clydesdale

CTO/Cofounder at Avedis, a Healthcare startup creating software for Telemedicine Networks which captures important quality metrics to help improve patient care and streamline workflows for all telemedicine stakeholders.
Company Avedis
Position CTO/Cofounder
Location Phoenix, Arizona


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Sarah Conde

Company Chirpify
Position Sr Account Executive
Location Portland, OR


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Jared Connor

Location Portland, Oregon Area




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Gabe Cross

Founder/CEO of a cannabis start-up in PDX. 10 years experience in sustainable building and urban planning. MBA Sustainable Systems from Pinchot University. Futurist, strategic thinker, analyst, and epicure. I love food, drink, new experiences, and meeting authentic people.
Company Odyssey Distribution, LLC
Position CEO
Location Portland, OR


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