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Pete Bunke

Portland, Oregon Area
I am a creative director and web designer with a background in responsive web design. I love designing elegant websites for all screen sizes, crafting eye-catching calls-to-action, and simplifying user experience to be as easy and intuitive as possible. Here are some recent websites I've worked on:

Bend Funeral Homes & Autumn Funerals

This was a full redesign and rebranding for the largest deathcare firm in Central Oregon. The client didn't give us much direction, other than that they wanted super-modern, mobile-first, co-branded sites that would age well and reinforce their hold on the local market. I did the design, rebranding, creative/art direction, and some development oversight for these sites.

Choice Cremation

This site was part of a multi-site deal for Vertin Family Funeral Homes, a large corporate client. We not only designed a template to use for most of their 50+ funeral home sites and corporate site, but also designed a responsive e-commerce site for their new low-cost cremation brand, which is the Choice Cremation site. The client wanted something that looked modern enough that it looked similar to tech brands from the Bay Area, but was also intuitive enough that their older users could easily navigate the site and ultimately convert. The site has been a huge success for the client since launching, converting several leads per day. This site's design was initially assigned to an external contractor, but I ended up cleaning up the design and doing the creative/art direction and development oversight after the contractor broke their contract by missing deadlines and leaving the project prematurely.

Responsive Template - Ryan Theme (Green/Gold, Blue/Silver, Sunset)

About a year ago, our sales team found that while we were still delivering much better custom sites than our competitors, they were still able to execute on prefabricated templates more quickly and cheaply than we were. As such, I was tasked with designing a responsive template that would be flexible enough to catch any client's use case, no matter what their brand was or how much content they had, as many of our clients are not able to provide any marketing collateral, whether that means no logo, images, content, or all of the above. I analyzed our previous sites and realized that three different color palettes were able to accommodate almost every client without much tweaking, so I went ahead and designed a template with three different color schemes and several different components and calls-to-action already built-in for easy customization. This template was designed for our sales guy Ryan's subjective preferences, as many of his clients liked one of our competitors' template offerings that had a similarly clean, modern aesthetic. I handled the design and creative/art direction for the templates, but have not had any role in the development of the following launched sites that make use of this template:

Green/Gold Template: fitchdenney.com
Blue/Silver Template: schlosserfuneralhome.com
Sunset Template: musicfuneralhome.com