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Yu Te

chief marketing geek
Hollywood District, Portland, OR
I wear two hats: as a business owner of MacPCX, a neighborhood center for computer training and support, and as president of the Hollywood Boosters and Kerns Business Association, which are like a chamber of commerce at the neighborhood level.

Hollywood District & Kerns Neighborhood covers the area roughly from NE 57th and Sandy to 12th and Sandy. They are both like small towns within a big city, with familiar faces/names, people who live and work within the two-mile zone, and walk everywhere for daily needs.

The new securities crowdfunding law adds a new tool for ecosystem builders, and it matters for neighborhood businesses because historically we have a difficult time getting access to capital, and lack of capital is a big reason for businesses to fail. Think of restaurants / bars / and retail shops.

The neighborhood business association is an important part of ecosystems building in that a healthy association is an indicator of a healthy community. If local businesses are thriving, then it means residents of the local community have access to affordable housing, jobs, and healthy choices for grocery, entertainment, retail shopping, restaurants / cafes / and bars, professional services.

As an ecosystem builder I want to ensure that even as more development occurs, that our residents and businesses are not displaced through gentrification. Helping local businesses raising community capital through securities crowdfunding is a step in the direction, but longer term we need to look at implementing other tools such as creating our community land trust to deal with affordable housing, and creating a community development corporation to deal with economic development at the neighborhood level.

I want to thank Amy Pearl and her staff at Hatch for shepherding the law and making ComCap:Oregon happen. Also thank you for your participation, and I look forward to meeting and sharing ideas with you!